Our Story... In a nutshell

Each of us with backgrounds in solo work or coming from other projects, we've ended up connecting though our common roots in Collinsville, CT.  Tappd has been playing together since 2013.

Meet the Band

It's OK, you can feed the animals...



With years of professional lead singing at his disposal, Med can effortlessly cover all styles of vocals. His years of stage presence are obvious when you see Tappd perform. Also known as the Tappd Diva who must have Ruffles chips and Fiji water at 67 degrees before every show. But he’s just that good that he gets it.



With an all too close relationship with his 6-string, Sam brings a taste of the west-coast/left-coast funk. Adding a classic rock guitar sound,  its rumored in town folklore he’s never played a solo the same way twice , mainly because he always forgets how he played it the last time.  ‘Let’s wing-it’ is his call that his band mates have come to expect.



A dedicated musician technical guitarist who brings structure and depth to both the band and our songs. With an arsenal of axes and fx at his disposal, his soundscapes are lush and ‘gel’ the band on multiple levels. As the unofficial hearder of us stray cats, his good cop - bad cop style keeps us tight. he's know to always a spare copy of the setlist and premium tequila on the ready.



A lifetime percussionist whose blend of volume control and Muppet “Animal-like” chops give him the ability to play everything and anything in between. If you watch close you may catch him drumming with 1 arm , while the other cradles an IPA... and the other is flipping ribs on the grill. If you see Jesse rise from his throne mid-song, he's gonna take it to the next level!



Playing in a lifetime of various projects, Matt has landed with his “soul-band” in Tappd, a laid back group who's in it for the fun and good music! Often mistaken for Patrick Dempsey, he brings a bit of potential (mistaken identity) star power to Tappd, but one he starts laying the thunder there's no mistake, beyond his bass skillz he for sure has the best hair of the band!



Occasionally on loan from "The Substitutes", Andy's deeply influenced  by his 80’s suburbanite roots and 90's grunge college years which manifest into supporting keyboard, vocals and ukulele.  His boy band good looks generate jealousy from the other Tappd members, but we're not shallow enough to let that overshadow his talent.

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